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Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a major epidemic in America and continues to sweep the nation, devastating the lives of people from all walks of life. Luckily for anyone batting an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Merrick Drug Rehab Centers offers an advisory service to can help these struggling addicts achieve lifelong sobriety. As qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced advisors for addiction treatment, we help anyone that calls us for guidance in partnering them with a highly-respected and legitimate addiction treatment center. The services that we provide are completely free-of-charge for anyone who calls us for help. We may only receive compensation from the featured and sponsored listings of the facilities in our nationwide network because of our advisory and referral efforts.

Addiction does not have to consume your life. You can heal from the many wounds afflicted upon by your drug and alcohol addiction with the help of Merrick Drug Rehab Centers. Call (877) 804-1531 today to learn more about how we can pair you with the right rehab center by speaking with a qualified and knowledgeable advisor for addiction treatment.

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How Does Merrick Drug Rehab Centers Help?

We only work with addiction treatment centers that provide the highest standard of effective addiction treatment through various treatment methods, specialized treatment programs, compassionate care, and encouraging support to their patients. We are able to pair you with a highly-acclaimed drug rehab in Merrick, a rehab within the nearby surrounding areas, or a rehab out of state depending on your preference.

Our nationwide network of high-quality drug and alcohol treatment centers are staffed with professional therapists and counselors that specialize in addiction treatment. They create customized treatment plans based on the needs of their patients and guide them through the recovery process with the compassionate care and support that they need.

Where you decide to seek treatment begins with a phone call to the highly knowledgeable and dependable advisors affiliated with Merrick Drug Rehab Centers. To learn more about our free advisory services, call (877) 804-1531. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have in regards to the overall treatment admissions process, as well as what addiction treatment options are available for you.

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Addiction is like being imprisoned in a jail cell within your own conflicted mind. Like that of a prison, a convict does not have the freedom to do what they want or experience everything that life has to offer. Addicts caught in the brink of active addiction are not much different than a convicted felon serving a prison sentence.

People don’t take into account that drug and alcohol abuse not only has the ability to numb physical or mental pain typically associated with a past traumatic experience of some kind. Addiction can also significantly hinder one’s ability to enjoy everything that the world has to offer.

The numbing effects of drugs and alcohol can prevent one from gaining the full experience of the many wonders and joys that life can bring. This is a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless. This, amongst a plethora of reasons, is why seeking the professional help at an addiction treatment center is of paramount importance.

By taking advantage of the free advisory services provided by Merrick Drug Rehab Centers, you no longer have to live a life of unmanageability, despair, and hopelessness. As advisors for addiction treatment, we specialize in pairing those that are addicted to drugs and alcohol to the high-quality addiction treatment centers located within our nationwide network.

So if you’re in search for a high-quality center for addiction treatment in Merrick, or another rehab center within close proximity to Merrick, New York, then calling us is the best move that you can make. You will feel rest assured that the rehab center that we pair you with will provide you with whatever it is that you need to embark on your journey towards recovery.

Don’t waste any more time in hesitation. We understand that you may feel hesitant and that this is not an easy decision to make. With that being said, choosing our advisory services is the best decision that you can make if you want to be paired with a high-quality treatment center that will help you achieve all of your goals. Call Merrick Drug Rehab Centers today at (877) 804-1531 to learn more about how we can help to rid yourself of being imprisoned by the strong constraints of drug and alcohol addiction.

Upcoming Merrick AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Garen City Group Fri, 7:30 PM Garden City Community Church 245 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530
NA Alive in Canarsie Group Thu, 2:00 PM Alive in Canarsie Group 1285 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11236
AA Gift of Serenity Thu, 7:30 PM St. James Church 858 Roosevelt st, Franklin Square, NY 11010
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